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Charcuterie 101 Collection - Charcuterie sampler, cutting board, and more - Retail Price $109.99
Charcuterie 101 Collection - Kit in-package close-up
Charcuterie 101 Collection - Products laid out on cutting board
Charcuterie 101 Collection - Everything in the kit layout
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Our Columbus salami gurus have created a kit with everything you need to start building your best board. We loaded up our Charcuterie 101 Collection with our favorite flavor combinations highlighting sweet and bold pairings that complement our slow aged, artisan salami flavor. Our wooden charcuterie board in cherry and cheese knife completes the experience—and starts your recipient into a whole new world of quality crafted meats.

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How to Build a Board Guide

Your Charcuterie Expert's guide to building beautiful, delicious charcuterie.

Columbus Charcuterie Sampler

A generous serving of four of our charcuterie board favorites. Our Italian Dry is our iconic San Francisco salame slow aged with California red wine and a hint of garlic. Our Calabrese has a refined, subtle heat from crushed red peppers giving it a spicy finish. Our Genoa is slow aged, giving it an aromatic mildness and soft texture. The recipe for our Sopressata uses sweet fennel and fresh garlic to give it a highly complex aroma. (12 oz)

Columbus Prosciutto

Our thin sliced Prosciutto is slow aged in Italy for artful flavor with a buttery finish. Thin plastic sheets separate each Prosciutto slice so it can be draped with rich creamy cheeses and rustic flavors alike. (3 oz)

La Panzanella Artisan Crackers

Traditional artisan cracker with the perfect crunch to go with any charcuterie pairing of Chevre, aged Italian, or Cheddar. (6 oz)

Fiscalini Bandage Wrapped Cheddar

Fiscalini Bandage Wrapped Cheddar is made in the traditional English Style and remains their most popular and highly awarded cheese. This semi-hard cheese is firm yet crumbly, and has a nutty, slightly smoky, earthy and more round finish than most aged cheddars. (5 oz)

Marin Petit Breakfast Cheese

Petite Breakfast follows the same cheesemaking process as other bries, but skips the aging room, making it a fresh Brie. Sold fresh and young, it has a tangy flavor and a slightly spongy texture, reminiscent of creamy cheese curds. (4 oz)

Mezzetta Pitted Castelvetrano Italian Olives

The perfect olive for the "oh, I don't really like olives" friend. These famous Italian olives are meaty in texture but mild in brine, with a smooth buttery flavor that goes great with salami. (8 oz)

Columbus Charcuterie Wooden Board

Rectangular display board in cherry.  6” x 15” x ¾”. Wash by hand.

Stainless Steel Cheese Knife

8 1/8" Serrated Stainless Steel Cheese Knife

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