Charcuterie 101 Collection


Our Columbus salami gurus have created a board with everything you need to start exploring the world of charcuterie. We loaded up our Charcuterie 101 Collection with our favorite flavor combinations highlighting sweet and bold pairings that complement our slow aged, artisan salami flavor. Our wooden charcuterie board in cherry and cheese knife completes our starter kit.

Starts shipping November 2, 2020
Limited Quantities Available

Entertaining Collection


We've crafted a charcuterie board collection to satisfy a grazing table get-together, or multiple family charcuterie nights! Our collection of bold, spicy, rustic and sweet pairings of artisan salami, cheese, crackers and more will make exploring, and entertaining, with charcuterie an exciting experience.

Starts shipping November 2, 2020
Limited Quantities Available

Felino Gold


We put the "King of Salami" in a gift box for a reason: our Felino follows the famous recipe originating from its namesake in western Parma, Italy. Crafted using only the best ingredients, including pork made with no antibiotics ever, fresh garlic and sherry wine, this artisan salami is then slow-aged for a minimum of 30 days in a natural casing to develop its traditional, rustic flavor.

Starts shipping November 2, 2020
Limited Quantities Available

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